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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

An "Isolated Incident" in Troy

Troy police, under a search warrant, broke into a home to search for drugs and weapons. They shot the locks off the door, chucked in a flashbang, and went to town.

There's only one problem: their informant gave them bad info. Based on nothing more than that tip, they got a search warrant and trashed someone's home. According to the police, "All the checks and double-checks were done," but one would think that if they were really following up on that tip with investigative techniques to build a case to justify their no-knock raid, someone would have noticed that their suspect was entirely innocent.

It's okay though, the Troy PD is real remorseful, and will do whatever it takes to set things right.
Anya: "Will you be going back to clean-up the damage to the house?"

Sgt. Dean: "We just have to enter lawfully with our search warrant, that is our only obligation."

Anya: "And you can leave it in any state that you left it?"

Sgt. Dean: "Yes. We had probable cause that led us to believe there was drug activity."
No-knock raids are bad. They endanger civilians. They endanger the police. They're an action movie solution to the problem. So when Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson team up with Samuel L. Jackson and Danny Glover to take down drug dealers, you can use them. Until then, they seem to be an unreasonable danger.
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