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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits


How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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Tom Baker
Today was the big day. The new Dunkin' Donuts opened. I come from Albany, NY- where there's a Dunkies on every corner. In Pittsburgh? Good luck finding one. Until today. A new Dunkin' Donuts opened in Market Square, which is a block from work. I walk past it every day.

The grand opening was pretty grand. People were lined up around the block. In order to stay stocked in donuts, they had a truck baking fresh ones outside. The whole square smelled of fresh-made donuts. The store was selling them still warm. It brought back memories of the good old days, when donuts were made in-store. Warm childhood memories.

Speaking of memories: they resurrected the chocolate coconut doughnut. They also had a one-day-only special: an Oreo doughnut. Chocolate doughnut cut in half and filled with icing, topped in icing and sprinkles. I haven't had one yet, but they look delicious.
  • Oreo donut = level of perfection I didn't think was actually attainable on this planet.

    Too bad it's a one-day-only thing! We can approximate it, though- get double-chocolate donuts, cut them in half, and slather in some Cool Whip or Fluff.
  • I'm holding out for a Timmy Hoho in the burgh.
  • I love the chocolate coconut donut. There's still a couple of Dunkies around here (northern Ri) that have them. I keep a list.
  • oh no, my friend convinced me to eat a donut again recently and now you've mentioned those chocolate coconut ones that used to be my favorite... I may not be able to resist going out and getting donuts... heh, you've also told me where to find them - I wonder if there's Dunkin Donuts in Houston?
  • Awesome! I shall have to go there. Dunkin' Donuts is a much better doughnut place than the other chains, and most grocery stores and local bakeries too. I mourned when the one that is now Qdoba closed. Thanks for the info.
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