How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

The End of an Era

The Geekhouse may be closing for good.

My memories of the geekhouse are mixed, sadly. With the news of its possible demise, I actually find myself regretting not being smarter about that time in my life- of course, if I were smarter, it might never have happened! That's the way of things, I guess.

The bad side of things really stems from where I was at the time. Unemployed, in a bad relationship- it wasn't a good scene for me. But it still ranks as a great time in my life.

The house is garbage, the landlord is an incompetent loser, it's just down the street from the sewage treatment plant. At points, we crammed well over the maximum occupancy into that building. But that's the stuff that really brings friends together. Living cheek to jowl like that makes you a kind of family, and in the end- those were some good times.

The thought that the Geekhouse might be dying- well, that's sad. There have been so many generations of geeks through that place; Ben and James anchored the place through Me, Cate and Tim. Cate and I leave, Apples comes on. Then Mark. Alison and then Apples's little brother. And when you expand that net to the "honorary residents", there are dozens of people that used that place as a second home. For awhile, there was always someone there, no matter what time of day.

There's a lot of memories in that crappy little building.

It makes me sad to see that end.

So let's not. My parent's house, a hop skip and a jump from the Geekhouse, is for sale. It's pretty affordable, and my parents are eager to sell- they won't cut the price down much more, but they will work out deals to help with down payment and the like. Ben, James, Apples- give me a call. Email me for my parents number. If you need help with anything- down payment, binder money, getting an inspection or even the occasional mortgage payment, I'm there to spot for you guys. It's a little smaller that the current Geekhouse, but it's got a yard, it's in much better condition- and it'd be yours.

C'mon. It'd be awesome!
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