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As I lay me down to sleep....

A final note:

If you reject certain things as impossible, you're going to miss out. When you open yourself up to insane, fantastic experiences, like communing with Dragons, then you know what? You'll have them. Now, how "true" these experiences are in the communal sense is going to make you feel insane. But the key is, no matter what, hold onto your perceptions (release your preconceptions), and let your experience speak for yourself. Everyone else may think you insane, and by thier definition, they are right- but it's a glorious madness. Don't work in the world that is! Work in the world that MIGHT BE! See the unmanifest potential, and treat it as manifest! Create your own self fulfilling prophecy, but one that is a prohpecy of fullness! Of sucsess!

The short, abbreviated/bastardized for human tongue name for the campus dragon is Derkrevish. She'll accept that address only begrudingly, I suggest just calling her the Dragon of Paduah.

Nor am I sure she's a "she", but she suggested the feminine address, and as I said to Amanda- I don't argue with Dragons.

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