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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

You're kidding, right?

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

You're kidding, right?

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The big local news story today? Did kindergartners expose themselves to a classmate?

As someone who was once a kindergartner, I'm going to go out on a limb: yes, they probably did. They're six years old, for chrissakes. What the hell do they know? But, oh god- this is headline news! The police are investigating.

Hi, I'd like to welcome you to reality. Over here, children are curious and don't know all of our social mores. Since their nerves function largely the way ours do, they at least understand that touching certain parts of their bodies feels good. They're probably vaguely aware of the taboo, But they don't understand it. Why not? Because they're children! Are there no child psychologists anywhere in that school district? Nobody to explain that this is pretty normal behavior for very young children?


Public schools, we give your children psychological issues that will plague them for decades so you don't have to.
  • ...


    Yet another reason to avoid public schools.
  • I think grandparents used to explain this kind of stuff to new parents. I wonder where the grandparents for these kids are.
  • Well, my youngest is in pre-K, and he's both picked up on social norms in crazy ways, and still totally innocent in ways that are totally disturbing to adults.

    I mean, he came home from school the other day, and was all excited. "I have a date. We are going to got to McDonalds and then watch a Dora movie."

    This is the same child who still needs occasionally to be reminded that no matter how pretty the toes are, it is not appropriate to throw himself out of the shopping cart onto the feet of passing young ladies so as to worship them (and I do mean worship the feet in a foot-fetish sorta way).

    But at this age they know what feels good, and have only a vague idea of what is "appropriate". That's the point of sex-ed in these grades - to teach the kids what's going to horrify their parents, so they at least have the decency not to tell us about it. ;)

    (at least, so says the girl who started masturbating daily in first or second grade, but had enough education in these matters to know that she was supposed to hide it, even if she had no clue why)

  • I didn't read the article, but i heard about this and am going to say, Altoona right?

    All I had to say was, and these idiots don't even give me an interview? At least I would see kids taking their pants off in the back of the classroom!!!
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