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Okay... wait a minute right there...

Since when do people start looking at me for Occult advice. I mean, just because I tool around with M, and can spin a good yarn, get into all sorts of trouble that a smarter person would avoid, yet come through unscathed, and maybe learn something if I'm lucky is not a sign that I have any clue what I'm doing. I've learned some basic rotes, like the Chaos Vortex, and a few other similar handy things. I can run a simple ritual. I can come up with creative solutions to stupid problems...

This is not to be confused with having a clue.

Sorry, this is a bit of panic at the thought of someone calling me a teacher, and another person hearing about it and asking me to help them out. I've got three people total looking at me like I have a clue, looking for advice, and tips, etc... and it's really wierd. Last time something like this happend... it was called Trimount.


Well, with any luck, I'm overreacting, and my perceptions of people are off, and additionally, even if that's not the case... I'll do what I always do...


Here there be dragons.

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