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Recruiting Post: Truth and Justice Campaign

I want to run a game of Truth and Justice. For those unfamiliar, it's an indie, story-driven RPG with a great system and a DIY spirit.

It's going to be a small game, I'm looking for 3-4 people, and one slot is already taken. We'll be running it online via Skype for those that are outside of Pittsburgh. The plan is to run a few hour group session every two weeks, based on folk's availability. In the interim I'll be running a solo-storyline for each character, via IM/LJ/phone/skype or whatever. Those bits will be catch-as-catch can. They're a solo story to fill out the world and inform the main story.

The kinds of characters we have will dictate the overall style of the story, but the setting is as follows:
Up until six months ago, the world was as normal as it ever was. Superheroes lived in comic books, or TV shows. Perhaps there were a few rumors of special powers, but they were either John Edward/Sylvia Browne-esque scam artists or fodder for the Weekly World News (like Batboy).

But sometime in the past few months, you've learned differently. Your character has alwasy been a little special. Somehow, you were always a little more driven, a little more committed to your goals than others. And then something happened- something that made you discover that you were really special. You discovered that you had some kind of superpowers. Or, maybe you don't have any powers, but some recent life changing event has driven you to use your special skills to change the world.

The important feature is that, until recently, you lived a fairly normal but gifted life.

As the story progresses, we're going to break one of the core rules of most games and superhero stories- "Maintain the status quo". Traditionally, characters are allowed to operate within their own storyline, but a super genius usually doesn't cure cancer. If NYC is leveled by a super-powered explosion, some time-travel magic turns everything back to normal before the end of the story.

Fuck that noise. Your characters are heroes, gifted with incredible skill and powers, and you have the power to shape the world. There will be no attempt to maintain the status-quo; your actions will change the world. Of course, the same is true of the villains you face.

If you're interested, let me know. Don't worry about lack of knowledge of the system- it's real easy to learn. Don't worry about lack of knowledge about comics and other superhero conventions- that's a plus, actually.
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