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Help Some Cats

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Help Some Cats

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Building 'n Me
The local P-Burgh SPCA rescued a huge number of cats from a "refuge", which was, in reality, a feline death camp. While technically it was a "no kill" sanctuary, in reality it was a "throw the really sick cats in a locked room to die" sanctuary. Police raided the place, and found over 700 cats. Of those, 350 are still around, because about half of them were so sick that they had to be euthanised on the spot.

They're looking for supplies, and will probably be looking for good homes in the near future as well.

Here's the really sick part though. Animal shelters have to be inspected by the local Humane Society. The owner of this ranch was certified and had been inspected. Officials gave her a clean bill of health. There's something to chew on.
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