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[Narrator] Starring Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett L. Brown, this expansion upon the famed Back to the Future saga takes us back in time, this time to pay visits to individuals such as Nietzche, Kant, Thales, Socrates, and yes, even Zeno! Watch as the crack brained Dr. Brown helps each of the famous philosophers through thier own personal crisises with his odd brand of mad scientist wisdom, some crazy gadgets, and the occasional visit from a big name star!

Airing this fall on YOUR Television network.

[Cut to C. Lloyd in front of the DeLorean]

[Lloyd]: Lets get BACK to PHILOSOPHY!!!!!

Christopher Lloyd is so much fun, but he really doesn't know how to pick scripts.

Urban Commando, Angels in the Outfield, etc.

ah well...

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with anything.

Hail ERIS. Her golden apple corps are strong.

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