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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Politicians DO go to Jail

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Politicians DO go to Jail

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As a general rule, politicians are guilty of something, and probably belong in jail. It strikes me as a good idea, actually, to lock them away even while they serve their terms to protect the morals of upstanding citizens. Perhaps being under lock and key would remind them that they are but humble servants, and not power brokers.

Case in point? Twanda Carlisle, a Pittsburgh councilman got nailed for embezzling. She cried, she begged, she pleaded. Why should she have to go to jail for a crime? No pleading in the world could get her off though- she goes off to jail for embezzling $43K. Good job!

You know who isn't going to jail? Elliot Spitzer. Spitzer served as attorney general and campaigned for Governor on the basis of his "tough on crime" record. He took credit for closing down two large prostitution rings and spoke about them with the standard fire-and-brimstone disgust that we'd expect from an Establishment prude. Turns out, he was really just eliminating the competition. He is involved in his own prostitution ring.

Don't get me wrong, prostitution should be legal. But just like when high profile rabidly anti-homosexual ministers fall out of the closet, it's not about what they did. It's about the hypocrisy.

I look forward to watching Spitzer squirm.
  • Yargh.

    I'm all for everybody keeping their noses away from each other's genitalia (except for purposes of oral sex, of course!) Why should consensual prostitution be illegal? Why should it be anybody's business if a politician is a horny bastard?

    On the other hand, it's his job to bust prostitution rings and not to stick his dick into them. Why do you take a job carrying out the law if you do not believe in it enough to obey it? If you want to change the law, then civil disobedience is one thing. Slinking around, self-serving disobedience doesn't count.

    And I reiterate, yargh.

  • By "involved with a protitution ring" it appears to be "patron of a prostitute" -- not quite the same.
    • The article at the time didn't make it clear. Honestly, I'd give him more credit for funding a ring directly, instead of spending his money there. Where's his investment sense!
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