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Otherwise it's called a coma. Actually, coma has been decreed politically incorect, please use the term alterness challenged.

Ever notice that political correctness jokes have gone out of style? And to boot, we can no longer make jokes out of fight club, being that blowing things up is terrorism, and everyone is in a tizzy.

I'm more afraid of our own government- our own society, than I am of terrorists. The worst terrorists are going to do is kill me. At least that has the good grace of reasonable brevity, instead of years and years of steady degredation, years and years of being brought down to the lowest common demoninator.

Wait a second... no one can reduce me to the lowest common denominator. I AM REMY of course! So, okay, maybe the terrorists are more of a problem for me, but for people as a whole, I'm still more worried about our government.

I don't feel safer when I've got a camera on every corner, turbans are banned, and we have ceramic detectors to find knives in every public building.

I'll just feel watched.

It seems to me, much like drugs, that this terrorism thing, drastic, tragic as it is, is being drawn out, redirected, to give us a new big baddie (replacing drugs, which was really loosing it's power as a big evil villian as people started to learn that things like pot aren't so bad after all). This new one, this Bin Laden threat that can come from anyone, anywhere is sufficiently spooky to have everyone looking over thier shoulders, and as a result, all sorts of shpif new legislation can be passed to keep the government in power and expand it's power.

I'd call for revolution, but it's terribly politically incorrect at the moment. It's terrorism after all to even think such thoughts.

Treason even.

So instead, I'm going to call for a reawkening of social consiousness. Embrace your individual self. Shake off the desires of others, and find your own desire. Once you know what you want, you can start considering feasability and how to help others. Once you know what you really want, all the advertising in the world can't sway you. All the video cameras in the world won't get into that inner self, and there's no way on earth to detect the fact that you are carrying the most potent weapon on the face of the earth- a self possesed individual.

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