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Good Morning Siena Collleeeeggggeeeee!

Today's weather, there's a sale at Abersnobbie and Bitch, so expect hail and prices cut in half. This afternoon expect the sale to turn into a mob, bringing unseasonably warm temperatures and sunny weather. Tomorrow's weather looks pretty nice, and where was this weather on the weekend?

Here's the trick my pupils (even though I have but one pupil and that's me), play the game. What, ladies and gentlemen is the main point of game that our society teaches us? Why, you play to WIN of course! What's the point of playing if you don't intend to win.

Even so, the Rubik's cube was the best selling game ever, and you don't exactly play it to win- oh, you try, but who really ever beats it without cheating? What's more important, winning at Monopoly, or the fun conversations, dirty dealing and silly comments you make while playing? Or what about adult monopoly, where the conversations... well... lets just say everyone wins at adult monopoly.

What I guess this is a really long way of saying is, "I HATE SAUERKRAUT."

/me grabs a pin so he can find the point.

Oh yes! Okay, so the point of this whole thing is... first off, let go of winning when you play games. Winning is fun- you should try to win, but not at the expense inherent in the game. Because just running around the bases in kickball can be fun! Once you've got that underway, apply it to life in general. Play life, and have fun with it. I mean, who determines whether you won or not? I do! I mean, you do! I mean...


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