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"I am the guide for the lost, who never counts cost..."

Through what providence has Remy been surrounded by such wisdom? Everyone around me seems to, at appropriately select moments, pour a ray of wisdom onto something I had forgotten, neglected, or just had not noticed.

Providence? No, I just can pick out the cool ones. To get a little Sartrian, we have to claim credit for everything that happens to us, good and bad. To only claim credit for the good is to be a braggart, and to only claim credit for the bad is to be a martyr. I want to be a Remy.

I also happen to have a slightly chubby pikachu (not the aborted, twisted and deformed first attempt) origami model sitting upon my monitor... complete with a drawn in eyes, mount, cheeks and bullseye. My dollar bill peakcock is givin' him an evil eye too...

Nothing though will compare to watching Pikachu singing, "Throughout the Projects."

"Bitches know me 'cause they know that I can rock, Bitches know me cause they know that I can rhyme, bitches know me cause they know that I can fuuuuck, bitches know me 'cause they know that I'm on time... throughout the projects!"

If you're clueless, go find it on OtakuVengance, which I forget the exact spelling of the URL for that, but I'm sure it'll show up on google. Also, while you're there I strongly reccomend the Kenshin video set to "Touched" by VAST.

Mmmmmm.... VAST....

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