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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Home at Last - Well, Our Stuff's Here Anyway

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Home at Last - Well, Our Stuff's Here Anyway

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Building 'n Me
We're mostly moved in. We actually finished the bulk of the schlepping by about 3PM or so. This included moving the cats- who completely lost their shit in the car. Sort of literally- those who have seen Rochester in the car are familiar with how large his bladder is.

So, pee covered cats means Bath. Bath means Rochester flips the fuck out- I now have some nice new holes to prove it. But they're clean. Rochester is adapting nicely. Sephie is hiding under anything she can find and hissing up a storm.

The new place is smaller, but better laid out than our Albany place. Ditto for the place that we're vacating. The bedroom brings back memories of Sarah and Dennis's closet in Troy. Still, the pluses win out- central air, dishwasher.

There are definitely improvements to be made before we really settle in and call the place home, but it'll certainly do for a semi-permanent residence (until we find a house).
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