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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Moving Day

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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Moving Day

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We're moving today. I haven't mentioned it much because it's not a move into any place permanent- we're still looking for property to own. Our sublet ended on the 31st, so we needed something a bit more permanent. This move promises to be both the easiest and the hardest move ever.

The easy: We never really unpacked. A good chunk of what we own is still in storage and will remain there for some time. We're not really moving any furniture. The new apartment is half a mile from our current apartment.

The hard: The new apartment is on the fourth floor. There is no elevator. We've done two carloads this week already, and afterwards I'm always wiped out. Today we're moving the little furniture, like the dresser, the desk and the mattress.

Well, after 500 miles with cats in the car, this can't be bad, right?

In other news, despite the shut-off notice, they didn't disconnect Internets last night. So long as they arrive during the scheduled window today to turn it back on at the new apartment, I don't care.
  • Just think of how great yours and Minna's calves are gonna look when you're done with all those stairs :) Happy moving day!
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