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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits


How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).


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Now, I don't like to single out specific religions. When ranting and raving about the perils thereof, the dangers of faith-based 'thinking', I don't like to pick on just Christians (picking on Creationists doesn't count- they're aggressively stupid).

But these questions were too good to pass up.
"Why does neither Mark nor John know anything about Jesus birth, while Matthew and Luke do but tell contradictory stories?" Answer...Because the Gospels are like four people who see a car wreck...

"Why does Paul only say Jesus was born of a woman like everyone else?" Answer...Paul was concerned about the risen Jesus, not the earthly one. He was too busy to check up on the details.

"Did Paul ever spend five minutes with the real human Jesus?" Answer..well no, but Paul's Jesus is the risen Jesus, it doesn't matter.

"Isn't it strange the man who writes most of the New Testament and tells us all how to live, think and believe about Jesus, never met him, while the Twelve who did, vanish into thin air and write nothing/" Answer...You ain't from around these parts are you boy.
There's also a part two.
  • For real fun: Try to find one mentioning of Jesus in any of the hundreds of actual historical texts/documentations/records that were written during the time of his supposed earthly existance.

    You'd think he'd make the front page. Or at least the second page. Yet for some strange reason, in over a hundred books writen in that time, he is nowhere to be found.
  • Well, there were a lot of Messiah's running around in those days. Maybe he just got lost in the shuffle.

    There is actually one mention from some historian guy- it's the only non-biblical source.
  • There is actually one mention from some historian guy- it's the only non-biblical source.

    It's in Seutonius' The Twelve Caesars. He is mentioned one time, in passing, during the discussion of Tiberius. And if I recall correctly, he is referred to as Christus or Christos, and not Jesus.
    • Which is just a title anyway.

      The moral of the story? Religion and facts aren't on speaking terms.
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