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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Dr. Dino Can't Take the Big House

Kent Hovind isn't the most mentally stable person on the best of days. For those that don't follow his "ministry", "Doctor Dino" is one of the more public(ly moronic) advocates of Young Earth Creationism. He runs museums, sells DVD lectures- I mean, the guy's made a great racket out of being mentally disabled. So great, in fact, that he made the classic mistake- he didn't pay off the tax-man. Kent Hovind is not just a creationist, he's a tax-fraud.

Tax evasion has landed our "Dinosaurs and people lived together!" moron in stir. While he awaits sentencing, he's apparently been getting bounced from facility to facility. Shockingly, his time in prison hasn't been very pleasant. The anguish he's been suffering lead him to transcribe this synthetic email exchange between the "humble Christian" Kent Hovind and GOD himself.

What Kent doesn't seem to realize is that this "email" exchange is comedy gold. Like this part:
KH: Well God, yesterday was especially hard. I couldn’t sleep the night before because I expected them to call me at 3:30 a.m. to pack up for the bus ride up here to South Carolina.

GOD: I know, son. I was right there with you. I heard your prayers throughout that long night. We had sweet fellowship, didn’t we? Thank you for loving me and talking with me.

KH: Thanks for being there and for listening, Lord.

Um... Kent? That's not God. That's your cellmate Bubba, and you're gonna have "sweet fellowship" during the morning shower. Maybe you should have invested in soap-on-a-rope.
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