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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

House Hunting

Right now, there's two properties on our list, and they're pretty much opposites in many ways. Suburbs vs. City, all that. So, mostly for my reference, I'm slapping together a list of pro's and con's- feel free to weigh in. Later, I may do a friends-only post of the actual listings.

  • Great neighborhood
  • Well laid out, no work needed.
  • Common areas are cool.
  • 2-car Garage in Pittsburgh (very rare)
  • Right on the bus-line. 20 minute bus-ride to work.
  • Instead of selling it when we're done, it could be a lucrative rental property
  • Small - not "family raising" material (not an immediate concern)
  • Expensive at $169K
  • High taxes
  • Bad schools (also, not an immediate concern)
  • Priced to move- $129K
  • Big, spacious. Huge basement. Small yard.
  • Great school district
  • Lower taxes
  • 0.5 miles away from a shopping/restaurant district.
  • Longer commute, but still not bad.
  • Need to drive for many things.
  • It would probably be hard to sell later.
  • Grounds need some work- staircase in the yard needs to be replaced, the front-driveway needs to be leveled off (it's a >30º slant down when you drive in, and there's no room to turn around before going out onto a busy road)
  • No garage
I'm sure Minna will have a few more to add on, but this is a good first list. I want the condo, but the house in the 'burbs might be a wiser purchase. The condo would definitely be good for a few years, but once there's a rugrat, it's not going to last much longer. But the option of renting it out after a few years means that, after a time, it can basically pay for itself (especially if we can get the mortgage payments down). The house will never be a burden to carry, and we can hold onto that for years- it could easily accommodate a family.
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