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Good Morning

This morning I wake up full of hope. I've seen the cycle of my life. I've accepted that it exists. The question is, am I strong enough, brave enough, and daring enough to break it? This is a solitary quest, I'm the only one who can walk it, but sometimes, people standing on the hill behind me can see the path better than I, and shout out when I stray.

For... ever- I've had this problem accepting help. "This is my quest, I have to do it alone," and all of the other great superheroisms of my youth. Grant- my potential is infinite. But my realization of it thus far is quite limited. I must accept this, and accept that I need all the help I can get. Eeep help?

Recieving help is not going to make me less of a superhero.

"Tell everybody who's waiting for superman,

That he hasn't dropped them,

Forgot them,

Or anything

It's just to heavy,

For Superman,

To lift."

Good morning Hope. If you let me down, I'll have no one to blame but myself.

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