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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Large Quantities of Win

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Large Quantities of Win

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Building 'n Me
Not as if we needed confirmation, but miusheri is awesome. For evidence, I submit this quote:
I'll try to make a bunch of these for Remy and the cats to combat. Then, we'll have to assemble those Paperformers, build a few paper starships, craft crude Cybermen from tin cans, and stage the ultimate fucking battle for the universe in our future living room.

Trey awesome, yesno? She is also the source of the picture.

In other news, today was the last day of work. It's a pretty strange feeling- it certainly doesn't feel quite real yet, but I've got a new job in a big company. Everyone had stuff to say about me leaving, and I really am going to miss folks. It really was a decent crowd of people to work with. Today was the reward lunch (when we have good little instructors, they throw us a bone in the form of a monthly free meal), which was specifically scheduled to fall on my last day, and thus double as a bit of a goodbye thing.

It really is weird, and a little thrilling. I've got everything more or less lined up, everything's in place, but for the next week I'm in a smidge of "freefall" as I travel through that temporal gap between Albany and Pittsburgh.

Speaking of- is anyone free and willing to play chauffeur on Monday, sometime between 8-5? I've gotta get to my drug test- there are plenty of alternatives, so I'm not stuck by any means. But if anyone feels like it, and is curious to know why the Madison Ave. Extension is no where near Madison Ave., it could be a fun trip. And drugs are involved, although sadly, only in their absence.

For a strange change of pace, I've got a shitload to post. As another aside, my credit card was compromised- somebody went on a shopping spree online, signed me up for spam phone calls, bought crap off of iTunes, etc., etc., etc. Long story short? I'm miffed, but a quick trip to the bank will clear it up, and I'll get my money back. The advantages of a credit-backed debit card- this shit is cake to clear up. I do like my bank.

I am curious as to the vector- some merchant, letting my numbers free? A slimy data-entry-dweeb scribbling on a post-it? A hacked DB? Or, more in the realm of paranoia, someone scanning the not-secure-enough RFID in my card? I don't think the latter would have let them retrieve my CC, confirmation number, and expiration date. But still...

On a side note, if I ignore the security implications, the RFID credit-card is cool. I can take my wallet and hold it near the scanner and pay that way, without ever opening the wallet. Once they get the security kinks worked out, it'll be six kinds of awesome.
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