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I gave my two-weeks today. They're looking for a new programming instructor to replace me, and they're pretty desperate and very willing to work with someone who has either training skill, programming skill, or some combination of both (preferable). Does anyone want to get into training? My old employer isn't the best job on Earth, but the money can be decent, and it's a great way to earn certifications.

I'll be honest and say that one of the biggest things I earned at this job was a background in more programming environments than you can shake a stick at. If you're a decent autodidact, interested in programming and are good with an audience, I can say that this is a good position for a few years. If not for the whole moving to Utah thing, I actually think Tim might have enjoyed it. For a little while anyway.

I told my employers that I'd pimp the job to a few friends of mine. Anyone interested? Anyone know anyone who might be interested? I can help get you a good deal from them, as well as give you some tips on how to navigate the politics.
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