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More Smart Reality

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Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

More Smart Reality

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One of the biggest issues with most technological interactions is the requirement for the user to enter the context of the technology. Virtual reality is the best example of context switching- in order to use the traditional "according to movies" version of VR, you must engage in a context switch. You shut out reality and replace it with a generated landscape. You wear input gloves and VR goggles- and the whole thing requires that you focus on interacting with the VR environment.

Who wants to do that? Well, it's great for special purpose environments, like CAD/CAM- areas where there's already a different context to begin with (although it still looks nothing like the movies).

One of the things in "smart reality" is to remove the context switching, or at least minimize it.

While I find Augmented Reality (Computer Mediated Reality) a very interesting area of research, it suffers from many of the same flaws as VR- you need to wear a headset and be dedicated to operating in an altered space from everyone else. It requires a different context, and that's problematic, at least in terms of mass adoption. Much like VR, it would be very useful in special purpose environments- imagine working a supply chain when a single glance at an object in the warehouse tells you everywhere it's been and where it's going?

Augmented Reality is a branch of the overall concepts of Smart Reality. As much as possible, Smart Reality products should convey that information back to the user without requiring any AR equipment. At its core, Smart Reality means that reality gives the user what they want without the user taking explicit action to make that occur.
  • You really should read Rainbows End. That book is positively swimming with this stuff.
  • There is an old RPG game called "Cybergeneration" that uses a concept known as "Virtuality" - an overlay of VR input on top of normal reality. Billboards along side the roads that you only see in your mind. Pretty neat idea.
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