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The roof... the roof... the roof...

I'm growing to really like Nietzche. Damn fine stuff he cranked out- once you plumb it's meanings anyway. On the surface he just sounds psychotic... but in reality, he's got some good shit.

Quick Nietzchian sum up on the subject of the "Eternal Return." Basically, time is a circle. Everything that can happen HAS. We just keep looping around eternally. You're just going to repeat the same life over and over again... so you've got a choice.

You can sit there and whine about how much everything sucks, and how injust it is taht you can't decide, or you can just suck it up and deal. That would be the ubermensch.

Fun Remy Quotes for the Day:

"I'm greater than the chair."

"She... she's jingling. Well, I guess if I can walk around with a magick stick, she can jingle."

"I am the creator! I am the Ubermensch! And I need jello."

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