How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Thought for the Day

Contrary to the honeyed words of gentlemen, this Age
of Empire is a pestilence upon every continent and
soul, through colonization manifest or implied.
Rich men from stone buildings wade blindly
through the penniless on their way to the opera, at lei-
sure after a day spent plotting wars across the seas;
and though these gentlemen are excellent at imposing
a world order, they are equally adept at colonizing the
women who maintain their homes.
All the while their attention is turned outwards,
and all the while we plot from within. Discontent with
the complex machinations of the imperialist state, we
build a system of co-operation and autonomy. Fed up
with the hunger about us, we glean and tax the rich.
Tired of playing master or servant, we work only as
friends and lovers.
And when approached by the newspapers, how
they look at us queerly when we tell them with open
hearts, “Death to the Empire! No longer will we cower;
we are all nobility! Your colonization of our bodies and
hearts is an act of war!”

— Erica A. Smith, On The
Political Situation Experienced In Our Era

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