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Wii! Guns!

As previously mentioned, I have a Wii. As one might expect, it is a great deal of fun. It's even more fun now that I've gotten rid of the 13" TV and replaced it with a 27" monster that has two inputs (and component, if I cared, which I don't) meaning that I can plug the Wii and the PS2 in at the same time. This is luxury man, luxury. The combo got its test run tonight, as we had David and Helen over. We took Wii sports out for a spin, bowled, baseballed, tennised and generally enjoyed Wii Sports. Afterwards, we used the PS2 to watch the episode of "Bullshit!" on gun control- because that features prominently in why David and Helen were over.

You see, in the convention center under the Egg there's a gun show every year. Since it is literally down the street a bit, I was hard pressed to come up with a reason for not giving it a look-see. It was fun, especially looking at some of the more historical pieces. As would be expected, there was lots of Civil War and WWII stuff, and the requisite smattering of Nazi memorabilia- which I don't generally consider offensive. Yes, they were the bad guys, and are practically the textbook definition thereof, but they had a sense of style. Even so, I was a little repulsed when I noticed the one table coated in the stuff, and not-so-subtly tucked into the corner a tract warning about the "Decline of the White Race" due to illegal immigration.

I'm letting myself drift off topic. We toured the show, glanced at the shiny firearms, oggled at the fully functional Gatling Gun (hand cranked automatic weapons aren't considered "automatic", and therefore are completely legal in NYS- go fig). Lots of SKSes- the civvied version of the AK-47, and as reliable and accurate as the original (that is to say very reliable and accurate enough out to a hundred yardsish). I wasn't planning to buy anything, but I did anyway.

First, I bought Minna flowers- well, a flower. I'm not that big a fan of flowers as gifts. I'll do it on occasion (and so will Minna), but they're only pretty till they die. Well, one booth had a lovely solution- baby rosebuds clipped while fresh and encased in acrylic, set in silver. Minna has a lovely tiny pendant now. It's very cute and looks smashing on her- even against her t-shirt.

A short time later, I noticed one table had a lovely Mossberg .22 single shot target rifle for a shocking $75. It was in great shape, and the same rifle was selling for twice the money elsewhere in the show. Priced to move like that, how could I not?

Which is also nice because it's the first firearm that I own. Mine. Get my marksmanship back up to where it should be, and I'll start building my own private arsenal- small, I don't want to dedicate the time, space, or money to arming a small invasion force. But I do think everyone should at least be versed in the use and safety practices of firearms and most people should own a rifle or two. If I aim to make that claim, I should act it out.

When the weather is nice, we'll need to arrange another shooting party with James et. al. Bring David and Helen along too. Maybe we'll conquer Canada or something one weekend.

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