How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

The power of reason

Today, I saw something absolutely beautiful.

A few weeks ago, PEER released this statement, claiming that the Bush Administration has been pressuring the National Parks Service to shut up about the multi-million year history of the Grand Canyon. Also, there's a creationist book on sale in the bookstore, which raises concerns over religion/state separation.

Quite a few people believed PEER. People who had a stake in PEER being right- because face it, the more we can show the Government pushing an agenda, the more heroic we seem for speaking out against irrational bullshit. Deep down, we all like to be able to show how we're being oppressed by the man. But our personal beliefs or preferences, or our proclivity for assuming the Government is The Bad Guy™ don't have anything to do with the facts.

Which is what makes this so extremely moving, at least for me. Not only is someone stepping up to say, "I was wrong for buying that bullshit," they're going even further- they're proving that bullshit is bullshit. They're researching, fact checking, and dealing only in facts.

I hope this damages PEERs reputation and teaches people to ignore them (up until they start providing facts with their press releases). Regardless of how opposed you might be to one political organization, making shit up doesn't get us anywhere.

PEER, STFU, DIAF, kthxdie.

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