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The sky is blue, and all the leaves are green...

The sun's as warm as a baked pataaaata! I think I know, exactly what I mean, when I say it's a Shpadoinkle day!

In other news... Remy has leapt up and snatched himself from the jaws of his stupidity. For those of you confused, let me just say that my little time travel experiment was a grand sucsess... of course, I took no precautions, so um... don't be surprised if some really wierd things happen today. Don't know what sort of disturbances a trip back in time through the astral might have.

Apologies in advance if anyone is struck by lightening.

annnnnnnddd... before anyone jumps to conclusions about my insensitivity, be all jazzed after a break up etc- note: I am sad. It was a painful thing. But there's an amazing amount of good stuff potential, like for example, my time travel adventure. In other words... I've gotta keep moving or I might miss something really neet. And since I'm surrounded by neatness already... I'm already pretty happy.

Besides... 'Manda's really neet.

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