How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Calling All Cars

So, next week I'm in Elmira, NY for class. This is kinda a steaming pile of shit- in part, because while I only need to be there for four days (M-Th), I have to stay over into Friday because busses only leave at 0700. Now, the General Manager at work, has decided he wants me to come home on Thursday night so that I can go to the Christmas party (Friday at noon- if I take the bus home, I'll arrive home at about 1400 on Friday).

So, he's looking into alternative transportation, but he's also authorized me to offer a sum of money to anyone who wants to do a round trip run to Elmira Thursday afternoon-evening. This would entail getting to Elmira sometime after 1600 (class officially ends at 1630, but it usually wraps up early) and returning to Albany sometime before 1200 on Friday (ie. timing is pretty flexible- it's a couple of hours driving).

The financial compensation is "mileage plus a 'tip'"- @$0.35/mile, about 200 miles each way, + $50 on top, we're getting into the range of about $190-$200. So, anybody who wants to make $200 in exchange for playing taxi-cab next Thursday, let me know. I'll throw down my own cash to fill your tank in addition to the money my company gives you.

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