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Up up and away...

... away from me. Well it's all right, you can all sleep sound tonight, I'm not crazy..... or anything.

I want to write something here. And... it's an interesting feeling. I don't know quite what it is. Something... odd. Dreamy...

Shit... I feel kinda like I did this weekend at points- sadder, but that same energy is there.

I do feel good. Sad, but good at the same time. As I told Amanda, lighter.


It keeps going and going and going....

The Energizer Remy? I smell an ad campaign! I'm... tingly! Twitchy too... odd sensations all together. My hair hits the back of my neck the wrong way, and I spaz. But I'll sit here still, with all that anticipation of Christmas Eve.

I said it earlier tonight... things have to change. I had that feeling of the need for change for.. oh, awhile. I was trying to avoid deciding what needed to change, because I think I knew.

I'm proud, I didn't break my promise. I didn't run away. I'll admit, I came close. But I stayed until we both decided that it wasn't going to work.

I think bed would be good soon... maybe some meditative rituals. Speaking of the Way, Beyond the Wall of Sleep... old standbys. Perhaps when I have a tad more time I'll start composing my own rits better. Wait... I've got time now!

Sometimes, I'm so silly.

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