How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

A Perfect Rochester Moment

My cat, Lord Rochester, likes to sit on the table while we eat. Attempts have been made to dissuade him, but all have failed. Short of locking him in another room, away from his food and litterbox, there is no way to get privacy from this cat. Instead, we take it as a victory that he stays out of our plates (and reserve locking him away for occasions of Spam® and Tuna and other such feline delicacies).

At any rate, this morning, he was on the table while Minna and I had some breakfast. Eventually, he got bored of our non-meat-based meal (and realized he wasn't going to get to play with the icing packet of the toaster strudel we were having- a favorite toy), and stood, in preparation for getting down off the table. He sauntered to the edge, ducked his head down to plot his landing, and then stopped. Without changing his body posture, he rotated his head back towards the table, his face locked in an expression that said, "Wait- am I forgetting something?" I was so struck by the expression that I voiced this aloud. As the final word left my mouth, the cat's paw struck out, lightning quick. With one sweeping movement, Rochester took the ibuprofen bottle Minna had out and heaved it from the table. Satisfied, he dropped onto the floor behind it, delivered a few playful bats, and then left it alone on the floor.

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