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I find this interesting from a story-telling standpoint. I dropped out of lost part-way through season two, not waiting for it to get as bad as it apparently has gotten. To know that it got worse from there is a really bad sign.

My only complaint about that article is that it is so blindingly obvious. And there are already shows that have the continuing mystery format and keep it going by limiting the mystery to a single season. This allows them to wrap up the season and next year, tell a different story. In a "Lost" style setting, this would mean answering questions conclusively in a fixed time-span, and then creating a new challenge. Say, for example, that after they opened the hatch, they found out some important information about how the Island came to be- but the contents of the hatch are a completely different and new mystery.

I think "Heroes" is going to pull this off well. Okay, let me put it this way, so long as Hiro plays a big role in "Heroes", I'll watch that show forever (the actor, who is playing a Japanese nerd is a Japanese nerd who used to work for Industrial Light and Magic). There are certain questions about "Heroes" that could easily continue over a long period of time- multiple seasons. But the core plot-line for this season is that our heroes have to stop a nuclear explosion in NYC. Clearly stated goals mean that our plot can get somewhere. Next season, they can come back and pick up the unresolved plot threads and have an entirely new central challenge. "Veronica Mars" uses this exact format.

Compared to shows like that, "Lost" offers very little reward. It almost becomes an insult, because it keeps teasing you, and for awhile, that's cool- it builds suspense. But after awhile, you suddenly realize that it isn't just teasing to build suspense- it's teasing out of spite.

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