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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits


How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).


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Well, I think most of us called it. The Democrats are going to the play-offs. There's been much ballyhooing and no small amount of gloating among the fans, which is to be expected. The team-captain, Dean (number 43? I can't remember) did a spot on the "Daily Show", sporting a "bleep eating grin" (to quote Stewart and the censors).

Personally, I'm not all that excited. First off, it's not like the Republicans put together a great team- their Executive Branch is been stinking up the field for the better part of a decade, and their Legislative Linemen have been getting trashed on penalties. Seriously, how many times can you get called "Offsides" on the same down? And then there was the whole "Illegal Contact" penalty with Mark Foley. Like I said, not a terribly strong team.

And the Democrats certainly haven't put a much better team together. Normally, in the playoffs, you expect to see two really good teams going at it hammer and tongs. What we actually have is the Republicans, who can't get a play off without a penalty, and the Democrats, who don't seem to have a playbook! Seriously, have you been watching their offense? It's like the coach doesn't even bother calling a play, they just get out there and just play against the Republican's penalties, as opposed to, oh, I don't know, making a play of their own?

I'm happy, by proxy, for all of the Democrat fans who are happy that their team has won something. And I'm happy that I haven't heard all that much whinging from the Republican fans. But seriously, I'm not all that big into sports. Maybe if they expanded the league some, adding a few more teams. And maybe if there was more fan involvement. The NFL has their "Children's Day" stuff, where kids get to have a day of Football Camp with the pros. Baseball does the same sort of thing. Half-time contests. Heck, considering the way the sport's set up, we could even put fans on the team, instead of having everything split between the professional players and the cheering fans. Politics was never meant as a sport for professionals, and I think that the sport is slowly dying because of the emphasis on professional players. It's like that whole Olympic "Dream Team" bullshit- take the best professional basketball players in the US, enter them into the Olympics to jazz up some jingoistic "At least we can win at one sport" thing.

Once upon a time, Politics was the American Past-time. A sport that anyone could play- but over years, it's turned into a professional's only past-time, with a huge barrier to entry, both financially and socially. I, for one, think that we should take back our teams, and stop rooting from the sidelines and rush the field.
  • I need a golf-clap icon. Very well put- and I ain't just saying that 'cause I'm wearing your ring. ;)

    I'd love to see some grassroots expansion teams move in. Unfortunately, it won't happen the way things are set up now, where the established teams can make up the rules as to when/how other teams may enter (and of course, they keep changing rules so no other teams can enter).

    Specifically, I'm referring to the minimum amount of campaign money a candidate needs before he/she is allowed to participate in debates. At one point, somewhere, a Libertarian managed to get the appropriate funding, so the Dems and Repubs raised the minimum amount just high enough to edge him out.
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    • Personally, I'd really like to see more free-agents doing that- not just expansion teams.
    • True enough- though I was pleasantly surprised to see at least one third-party nominee in all the spots out here in New York, both local and national.

      I'm not sure why more local elections aren't attempted. I can only assume a) even more political antics/barriers to entry by those who are heavily entrenched, and b) the observation that, for some odd reason, people don't seem as interested in who's running things locally.
      • Which is so incredibly backwards. The single most important political official in your life should be your Alderman/Councilman. The absolute least important should be the President. In terms of their ability to affect your life- really, who's going to have a more direct effect? Who should?
        • Agreed- very backward. But- and this is again backward- the President, and the Federal government as a whole, are more "visible." They're on TV all the time. They're in the news all the time (and national news trumps local news, if you get your information from a news aggregate). So they must be more important! (So reasons your average mouth-breather)
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  • To me it's not even about professional players. Because those know what they are doing. I think "Professional Wrestling" or "Harlem Globetrotters" or "XFL" would be more appropriate.
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      • True - and the WWF has some of the most amazing athletes I've ever seen and the XFL has sent some players to the NFL. But basically, they're all style over substance...
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