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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Lamentations and the Gnashing of Teeth

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Lamentations and the Gnashing of Teeth

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johnny cash
Unrelated to my last post: Dunkin' Donuts has discontinued their Chocolate Coconut doughnuts. Ranking in at #2 in the "favorite doughnut" category (surpassed only by Double Chocolate (with SPRINKLES! Without the sprinkles its CRAP!), followed by the French Cruller) I am mightily upset. Especially after walking into Dunkies with my heart set upon one (and to add that Minna had her heart set on the same thing, seeing as the Chocolate Coconut was her favorite, she too, was upset).

I shall write them a nasty letter. They shall cry and wail upon its reading, for it shall be so moving that the corporate officers will commit seppuku to cleanse their family honor.
  • Now you know how I felt when Coca-Cola discontinued Vanilla Coke.

    It's a horrible, empty feeling. Like a friend died.
    • They stopped making Vanilla Coke? The vending machine in my office building still carries it! EWWW--I hope people are checking the expiration dates on those suckers...
  • Maybe too many customers are having coconut allergies; you know, someone eats one and doesn't realize they have an allergy until their throat closes up and they can't breathe and stuff? I know for that same reason a lot of places aren't putting mustard on their hamburgers anymore.
    • That makes sense- except for the fact that regular coconut donuts are still available. Just not chocolate ones.

  • I just posted this in Minna's journal, but I'm going to see if this happened to all Dunkies or not. I always got two choc/coconuts in the dozen assorted box I get at the one up the street from me. I'm going to have to do a consumer report and get back to yins on that...
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