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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Fearmongering for Restriction of Rights

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Fearmongering for Restriction of Rights

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When they came for the light aircraft, I didn't speak out because pilots licenses take a lot of time and money to earn. Long story short: Mayor Daley of Chicago, and many other politicos, want to start regulating the crap out of light aircraft and forbid them over major cities because one dumbass did a loop-the-loop into an apartment building in NYC.

Of course, it's to protect us against terrorists.

And remember, saying, "the Internet must be carefully regulated because a) terrorists and b) pedophiles" is the ultimate election-year twofer you can hope for.
  • Why do single or two-engine planes hate America??
  • Speaking of scary... did you see that Diebold's source code was leaked again.
    • Good- I hope they get more bad press than they can handle. Bastards.
      • Too bad that something similar to Man of the Year doesn't happen and we elect someone hysterical. Like Angelina Jolie. Or Louis Black. Anyone but Robin Williams.
        • weeeelll... since the Robin Williams character is supposed to be loosely based on John Stewart...

          *waves a tiny Stewart/Colbert flag*

          go team! :)
          • It's a pity Robin Williams hasn't been funny since he got off the drugs. Oh, his standup's still great, but he does bad movies.

            Evidence: RV.
            • I agree. :/ I don't like his comedy, but his drama stuff isn't too bad. I liked "What Dreams May Come" a lot.
  • Argh, I completely cannot stand the politicians that are now wanting to ban small aircraft from major cities. If we look at the situation, the pilot and co-pilot were killed. No one else was killed. Flying a light aircraft into a building would not nearly be as effective as let's say exploding a conventional bomb outside Wall Street. Or using trucks to explode the Lincoln tunnel. Or bombing Yankee Stadium.

    I have no problem with fining pilots who recklessly endanger the public while in small aircraft, but I don't think it's necessary to ban them from major cities. After all, if I speed, I'm liable to get a ticket and a fine. It's like saying "We must ban cars from Manhattan because someone could use one to kill a person or use one to strap a bomb to."
  • I always find it amusing when something bad happens in one city, and mayors in other areas use it for their own diabolical ends...
  • God what an idiot.

    I haven't seen a final report, but the plane reported fuel problems before the crash. With the information available now, *if* this crash should be a wakeup call for aircraft regulation(and I'm not saying it is, just spilling thoughts), it would perhaps be a call for more effective(not simply more) regulation of design and build safety, and perhaps more frequent inspections to recertify an aircraft as airworthy.

    Banning them over major cities just means they'll slam into a suburban house instead of a high rise. And in the event of mechanical problems, if they are anywhere near a major city, they may well crash into that high rise anyways due to lack of control.
    • Next they'll require all airports to be rebuilt outside of city limits... *eyeroll* Because, you know, LAX and Burbank and SFO and SBA and on and on... nowhere near tall buildings, nope!
  • I think maybe the politicians have been playing too much Crimson Skies.

    Also flying is unpatriotic. Or something. Pity, since I was thinking about getting a pilot's license, again.
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