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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Worst Business Trip Ever

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Worst Business Trip Ever

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run the fuck away
This trip is officially the Worst Business Trip Ever. I'm in Manchester, VT. Thank GOD this is only two days. Let me recount the suck:

1) Despite the claims of "Wireless Internet in the Rooms" my room does not, in fact, possess wireless Internet. If I want Internet, I must go to the restaurant attached to the main office of the hotel.

2) The hotel sucks. One wall of my room is painted-over-cinderblocks. There's enough particulate matter in the air that my super-duper-laser is brightly visible with the lights on (this is actually kinda cool, and is one of my major sources of entertainment). Unlike most hotels, that have a complementary shampoo bottle (even the worst hotels I've been in do that!) this one provides zero toiletries.

3) This hotel was chosen only because it was cheap and (theoretically) near the location where I was teaching. "Theoretically" because it is no where close to the location. This was, most likely, because my boss Googled the name of the company and got the WRONG location. Instead of being four miles from the location, I am actually fifteen miles. On these backwoods country roads, that's a thirty minute ride, and the lazy ass cabbies don't like that 'round here.

4) Insult to injury- the closest hotel is a Hampton Inn, ten minutes away. That's a nice hotel, with real Internet access, shampoo, etc.

5) We're not done with the insults. There is no cell-service where I'm teaching, meaning I don't get a lunch-hour conversation with my Minna sweets. This makes me annoyed.

6) This crap gets to happen all over again on Monday when I go to Glenns Falls- I'm taking a cab each way and expensing it.

7) Shit, I just realized that the lack of cell-service means I'm going to have difficulties getting a cab home. (resolved)

8) I am in a fucking bad mood, and will probably spend time tonight blinding people as they drive past my hotel, and I will laugh (LAUGH I SAY!) as they careen off the road and die in a firey ball of death. (Okay, probably not- none of them work for my company).

Okay, let's be fair- it isn't all bad. There are small blessings- everyone here is really nice, very interested, and cooperative with the flow of class. They're genuinely nice folk too- as in, if I weren't attached to living in a civilized area, they'd make great coworkers. Instead of dealing with the cab troubles, one of them, who goes past my hotel anyway, has offered me a ride out. Hopefully that transfers to "in" tomorrow as well, which would be really nice.
  • I say you check into the Hampton Inn and slap your special boss with the bill...in the face.
  • That cheap, lazy asshole GM. Every remote onsite goes a little something like this- you have to assume something's going to be fucked up, be it your accommodations, directions, classroom setup, or all of the above.

    I almost look forward to the "Let's Waste a Saturday Fellating Management and Sales" meeting in January. When I get there for dinner, I'm going to get tipsy on my free liquor, and kick the GM in the nads.

    Bastards. I want my Remy. >.< Can't wait 'til you're home tomorrow. *kiss*
    • *kiss* In case you didn't notice I edited the post, I have no email AND no cell-phone. I'm ready to kill.
      • I just got this after I left you a message >.<* Damn them!

        *kiss* Give me a call when you do have service again. I love you!
        • Yeah, this is really cheesing me off. *kiss* I want my Minna.
          • *kiss* Just a day and a half left. If you wanted, you could take class right up 'til 4:30 today, let them out early tomorrow, get picked up early, make a quick stop at NH, place a lit M-80 up the ass of everyone involved with this trip (sales and management), then come home, where I will be waiting with whatever nice things I can think of to help you feel better. =)

            I hope you're at least able to find something decent for lunch.
            • Actually, it's 5, the hours are actually 9 to 5. I don't THINK I have any record of this, but I can't check my email to confirm.

              I'll give you a ring when I get to the hotel though. *kiss*
              • At this point I would assume you have no record of it. We can add the NH Corollary to Murphy's Law: Anything that you should be informed of concerning your business trip, you won't be informed of.

                But yes, please do call when you get a chance, I would love that =) *kiss* Have a good rest of the day in class!
  • kill your boss. you'll feel better. :D
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