How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Dear Government, DIAF

The heavily Republican Congress, fairly certain that they won't be reelected are rushing through absolutely every piece of shit bill they can think of. And I mean everything, like for example: Veterans' Memorials, Boy Scouts, Public Seals, and Other Public Expressions of Religion Protection Act of 2006. This has only passed the house thus far, but is a massively bad thing.

As it stands now, if you sue the Government over religious violations of the First Amendment and win, the Government pays your legal fees. This is meant to encourage lawyers to take cases that are likely to win, thus ensuring that the Government, if it is violating the First Amendment, gets smacked like it should.

This bill intends to remove that payment on suits based on religious issues. That's right- if you can't afford a lawyer to take a case about the Government sponsoring religion, that's just too fucking bad. The Washington Post has a slightly longer analysis, but it's a curious way to circumvent the Bill of Rights- and I'd argue that this bill, if it passes the Senate, is unconstitutional. Of course, to prove that, I'd have to pay all the expenses out of pocket, and I could only challenge the law if it affected me, which means I'd first have to win ANOTHER Constitutional case and not get reimbursed for it. If you want a list of politicians that need to be strung up by their genitals, I've got that too.

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