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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

A Red Letter Day

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

A Red Letter Day

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People are surprised, it seems, to discover that I am not only pro-gun, but vehemently so. I strongly advocate the responsible ownership of firearms. I actually feel guilty that I haven't maintained my skills in that area, and will be taking measures to correct that. Everyone should at least know the basics of how to safely operate common firearms. Everyone should know basic firearm safety. I feel that should be taught in schools.

When one of my coworkers learned that I had gone out shooting one weekend not that long ago, she was surprised and confused. I had shattered her stereotype of gun-users. In short, I had all my teeth and was not married to my cousin. The question some people ask is "why"?

Today is a great demonstration of some of the reasons I believe everyone should own a gun: 1, 2, and 3. The fact that reasonable people on my friends page read between the lines and feel the need to make proclomations like this is a reason.

Oh, and if you're ever looking for a group that has a nearly inarguable stance on why gun ownership and the second amendment are crucial, don't look to the NRA, ask these folks.
  • I've never met a crackhead with a .38- I haven't met anyone that owns an illegal firearm. Every legal gun owner I've met is incredibly responsible, and generally concerned with civil liberties.

    I don't believe an armed populace is a panacea for crime- although it couldn't hurt.

    When you have a fortunate confluence of government benificence, guns seem needless. Responsible, just people in government render it that way. But in the end, it suffers from the same failing as any other form of government- it always tends towards corruption.

    Government is at its best, a rabid dog in a cage. There is no possibility of mutual trust between citizens and the government. All governments enforce their will through force or the threat of force, and the final safety net is that citizens may also use force against the government.

    Guns exist, and every government on Earth has them. I do not trust any government on Earth to use them wisely, and so, it is a fact of life that I too, must posess firearms.
    • The difference in fire power and training between army forces and citizens with guns is such that you having guns doesn't really matter, I believe. To fight your government in case it gets worse than it is now will only work given the right tactics and for those you don't necessarily need guns, especially in today's conditions where soldiers carry quite a large amount of body armor. A sword would probably be more effective. The easy obtainability of guns in the society does mean that people are killing each other more effectively though. Compare the U.S. numbers of deaths by force (especially guns) to countries with stricter gun ownership laws.

      Also - you claim to need guns (and you're far from the only one) to be able to stand up to a tyrannical government. Well, seeing what happens in the U.S. I'd assume it's due time but I don't see this happening.
      • The difference in fire power and training between army forces and citizens with guns is such that you having guns doesn't really matter,

        Factually incorrect. There are signifigant case studies within the 20th century of poorly armed, poorly trained rabble standing up against highly trained and equipped militaries. Afghanistan (in the 80s), Vietnam, and Iraq all disagree with you.

        Body armor does not protect against rifle rounds. It protects against pistol fire. There is a new body armor that claims to protect against rifle rounds, but that claim is unlikely.

        Finally, in the US- we can still vote and it (sorta) counts, we aren't rounding up people for simply speaking out against the Government, there are still elected officials that are responsive. It's a near thing- but we're not ready to go to the ammo box yet- we'll give the ballot box another go.
        • But that's exactly what I mean. Not the guns made the difference but way the "regular" forces were engaged. Asymmetrical warfare.

          While I somewhat agree with your remark regarding body armor, I keep hearing that the number of casualties in Iraq would be much higher (and the number of wounded lower) if not for body armor. Which keeps me thinking of the impact the use of arrows and swords (and the psychological effects it would have facing someone who charges you carrying a sword) could have.

          But good to read that you have some optimism left.
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