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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits


How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).


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run the fuck away
If I didn't have students in my class, I'd be LOLing at this stuff here. This one is particularly great (and long- but that's comedy gold).

"Glory, Glory Marinara,
Glory, Glory Marinara,
Glory, Glory Marinara,
His noodles sure are long!"
  • If you like that...

    FSM Pin & tie tack
  • technically, evolution is the only scientific theory yes; and technically, midgets are people... So we aren't to concerned with technicalities are we?

    wow ... just ... wow
  • "I hope you die in a lake of fire and get your eyes pecked out by crows, so that you may go to hell and exist for eternity in a lake of fire getting your eyes pecked out by crows.

    With love,

  • I want to hear the apologists on this one

    You'd be depressed to hear some of the call-in responses on C-SPAN today.

    "I just want to say that I support this fully."

    "Why is that, caller?"

    "... ... Well, if someone comes to this country bustin' up things, the only thing they should get is punishment."(Rough quote).

    Who are these people that have busted up our country, how is it that they're in Iraq, and if they're such awful people then why wouldn't existing courts and laws easily find them guilty? If the courts are really so incompetant, does it really solve anything to turn to global police state tactics?
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