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Word of the Day

bozard(n): boe-zard
An individual who is a veritable giant retard in their field; one who has achieved a level of responsibility without any level of competence; a supremely underqualified person

Etymology: Derived from the name of the original bozard, possibly a contraction of "bozo" and "retard".

What brings this up? The original bozard (name witheld to protect the idiot) is the facilities manager for our Harrisburg franchise, where I will be teaching next week. Since I'm not anywhere near Harrisburg if I can help it, as the person in charge of computers, he is going to do my setup for the highly technical J2EE class that I will be running next week. He asked me what the setup was, and I referred him to the setup guide for the class- every J2EE class is very different in how it handles setup, and I'd rather tie the setup to the courseware I'll be teaching from. Not having my own copy of the setup guide, he's on his own to read it himself. I strained him, apparently.

Today I got an email from the facilities manager, the system administrator for the facility. The computer manager. The server admin. The network admin. The guy who makes ALL THE COMPUTER STUFF WORK.

I have finished creating the Java VPC, but I am not 100% confident with it. I will have one of our instructors look at it tomorrow. I followed the setup guide, but am unsure of a few things it mentioned, like setting an environment variable?

Like setting an environment variable. Now, your average Windows user wouldn't know how to do this. I wouldn't expect them to. A system administrator however, should really have some idea of what an environment variable- which can be important for managing your system- is. Even if they don't, one would hope they can use Google (first link has it covered).

Sadly, this is my second interaction with the original bozard. The previous incident involved a Unix class that was going to be run at a client site in the Harrisburg area. Now, in this case, the setup guide is outdated, so I told him to setup a Virtual PC image (used in all the classes we teach) and use the ISOs that can be downloaded for FreeBSD to install that flavor of Unix onto the Virtual PC. This also required that Virtual PC be installed on all the client machines to host this.

First, he couldn't find the FreeBSD isos. I reiterated FREEBSD-DOT-ORG, and eventually, he managed to find them. The installer then thwarted him. Now, for a normal user, this might be intimidating, but for a SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR, one would think they could handle "Just next your way through and when it asks you what software to install, check ALL". Frustrated with incompetence, I got the facilities manager at the Albany center to do the install for me and burn it to DVD, along with the VPC installer, because it looked like the bozard was also incapable of getting to the client site to drop off the software so that the client's sysadmins could install it. Not only could the bozard NOT make it to the client site, he couldn't find anyone else, or make any other arrangement for getting the software to the client site before I had to teach the class. All of the installs had to be done the day of class. A multi-gig VPC file had to be copied from a network server to all the client computers which took no small amount of time. The client was unhappy later, and now the class is being rerun.

So there you have it kids. Don't be a bozard.

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