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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Pulled from the "Community Chest" pile...

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Pulled from the "Community Chest" pile...

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run the fuck away
Scheduling Error in your Favor, sorta. I'm supposed to be teaching this crazy Programming in Autocad class today. I don't really know anything about Autocad, but that's not really required. I'm just teaching the programming aspects, which means it boils down to knowing the Autocad API, and... well, it's an API. With a book infront of me, I can teach it.

Did I mention, I don't have a book? Not a hard copy anyway, but there was a rush to download an eBook, which was expensive and made my boss Not Happy. Y'know what's going to make him more Not Happy? Class isn't running today because I have no students today. This invalidates the entire motivation for rushing to get an eBook, because by Wednesday, which is when class is actually starting, the hard copy book will have arrived.

Moving from work to play, our first show was last night. For various reasons, I couldn't hang out for long after our set, and I felt kinda like a cock for cutting out on the other bands, but there were more important things to deal with. I'm gonna talk to me mates later to get a feel for the reaction. We produced 20 cds for the show, printed, labelled with inserts and jacket art. The whole thing looks amazingly sharp. I don't know how many are left after the show, but there's going to be another run of 25 for this edition at some point (it's a limited edition of 50, a 30min EP). If anybody wants to order one or more, let me know. They're $3- plus shipping if anybody wants one shipped. You can check some demos of the songs (but not the same recording) at BoneParade.com- the CD we put together has a lot more polish but a bit less life. There's fewer mistakes on the EP, that's for sure, but the really huge dramatic sections aren't as big as they can be- like for our live show. It was pretty awesome.

Back to work AND play, at my latest inventory there are four bands at my company. One classic rock cover band, one jam band, one one-man-synth act, and my soundscapey group. I think this is officially the most musical NH has been.
  • I thought it sounded really good. Hearing it live was much more dramatic. ^_^

    And no class = best Monday surprise ever, imho. Well, it's a great surprise any day of the week, but even more so on Monday and Friday. Enjoy the rest of today and tomorrow, sweetie!
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