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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits


How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).


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Tom Baker
Checked out another condo on State St. tonight. Asking is $165K. 2BR, 1100sq. ft., 1.5 bath. Heat, hot water included. HOA fees are $375, taxes are $3700.

We're cautiously optimistic. It seems doable. Maybe. I'm going to call the financial advisor my awesome realtor works with and we're gonna hash out these details. If it's doable, we're totally behind this. My biggest selling point?

Gigantic bay window that looks down on State & Lark St. Hells yeah.
  • *does a double take*

    hehe... state st. I work just off of a state st. in Santa Barbara.

    hm. the condo price is quite similar, too.

    *sigh of the broke-ass*

    c'est la vie. :) someday I shall have my cabin in the woods!

    best wishes on the buy! if you need a different loan agent, I can recommend my boss here in SB. She's fantastic and does loans all over the country.
  • Dood! Better be hardwood floors, too, for that price :) Dibs on the bay window when I come to visit.
    • Of course with the hardwood floors.
      • Are there any places in Albany without hardwood?

        Good luck. And I think the market is changing in favor of the buyer, talk to some people and find out if you shouldn't go lower... like $150 lower. A 1 bedroom in my building went for $100...
        • Funny you should say that. I told my buying agent that if it were $150, I'd jump on it right that instant.
          • I think it sounds like a lovely condo, but I agree - ask if price is negotiable and ask for $150. We're still in that silly housing bubble, but that neighborhood, while nice, is not a $165K 'hood.
            • Yah it is. This area isn't all that inflated, and condos are extremely rare and highly sought after in this area. This is the knocked down price- it used to be $10K more. That said, we're going to hard-bargain down as low-as-it-goes.

              Everything is negotiable.
    • I said it to Minna, but you should hire her Mom to negotiate with you. I'm good with the haggling (unlike some of the characters in my head), but my Dad is significantly better at catching cob-jobs or things needing repairs and is much better able to make these things seem like absolute deal breakers.
      • Well, even if it's just a condo, you want a home inspection. By an ASHI certified home inspector.

        The realtor is there to tell you all the good things, the home inspector is there to tell you all the bad.
    • Getting really narrow with the comments, but: The one bedroom in my building (Unit 905) went from $90k, to $70k, a new coat of paint, flipped it for $95-100... I don't think condos are SOOOO hot a property right now.
      • I've looked around- there aren't any. Literally, within the downtown area, there's about 5 up for sale, all $150+.
  • Hmmm... Bay windows. Suddenly I had the image of web cams hidden in stuffed animals. Think of it. All those stuffed animals looking out the bay window, each "remembering" what it sees.
  • Anywho. Good luck.
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