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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Series III of the new Doctor Who should be better

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Series III of the new Doctor Who should be better

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run the fuck away
Billie Piper is leaving the series, and I hope nobody considers that a spoiler. The article contains details that might be considered spoilerage, but if you can't handle it, you're a fucking pussy. I don't have anything against Billie Piper or her character Rose, but the way she's been written this season has annoyed me to no end.

I want the Doctor and Captain Jack traipsing around Time and Space goddammit! I don't want Jack in his own campy spinoff.
  • I'll take your Captain Jack.
  • I'm actually happy jack is getting a spinoff bc that means all jack all the time main central c. woo :)

    i had been avoiding info that billie piper was even leaving like the plague but someone spoiled me for it before you :-/ was so annoyed but unavoidable i suppose
    • Jack and Eccleston had such great chemistry though. And it was so cute when the "American" called them "bar-aj" ballons instead of "buh-raj"
    • I'm happy Jack is getting a spin-off series because it means I don't have to watch it!
    • Yeahhh that happened to me too. I'd heard that there was a huge spoiler, and I'd kind of guessed what it was and was warning people that there was, in fact, a spoiler. And then one said "Yeah I'm glad she's leaving" like "I didn't say I knew what it was! Dammit! Not cool!"

      This IS the spoiler I was warning you about last week, by the way, Remy. Supposedly there's a second and even bigger spoiler stemming from some minor leaks and wild guesses, which I have been keeping far frigging away from. If it's true, apparently it's awesome.
      • One of the dozen people that've shown up this season that would have been more entertaining companions becomes one?

        You're gonna hate me, but I actually (moderately) liked the last episode. I appreciated the camp- it could have been better, but it was okay.
        • I could never hate you, baby :*

          I CAN however hate that last episode. Fat Bastard the absorbing alien, indeed. The premise was SO GOOD and the execution so goddamned awful. An oral sex joke involving a sentient stone tile? A "tastes like chicken" joke after the year 1999? The members of L.I.'n.D.A. not noticing the EXTREMELY SUSPECT behaviour of Mr. Kennedy and the fact that one of their people disappears every week? Ursula telling Elton "he's coming after you next!" as if that wasn't VERY GODDAMNED OBVIOUS? Also this wasn't a bad part, but it was extremely weird seeing the guy from Hu$tle and Green Street Hooligans playing Elton.

          OH incidentally I've begun watching Life on Mars. Maybe I'll get a 70s British detective getup instead of a 30s three-piece suit.
          • Fan friggin' tastic programming, "Life on Mars". That head detective... oh, I just love him. He's so damn cute. And the show is so delightfully weird. Compelling even.
  • Granted, she's one of the least annoying companions I've watched, but is it bad that I want Rose to go out with a big bang? Like, accidental (or not accidental, if you prefer) beheading, getting eaten by a yeti (now there's a villain that should come back), or maybe all the other Doctors can converge in the same time again, have a very stern talk with Ten, and then gang up on Rose and beat her senseless. And, after she meets with whatever painful end I secretly hope she will, if I hear the Doctor say anything to the effect of "this one's for Rose," I will vomit.

    And, ok, I thought I'd heard something about this being Billie Piper's last season, like...months ago... is it spoilery because it's official now or somethin?
    • yeah it's official now. apparently it was all over the news and papers in england.
    • Doctor nookie is BAD, m'kay. The Doctor dawdling with his companion is like all of these news articles of teachers shagging their thirteen year olds students two at a time. Aliens that travel through time and space and live umpteenth lifetimes via regeneration don't need to diddle a human to feel good about themselves.
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