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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Well, that's fucked up

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Well, that's fucked up

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run the fuck away
In Harrisburg, I've got my cabbie. My first trip out here, I got dicked over left and right by cabs that took over an hour to get to me and other similar bullshit. I got sick of it, and finally, I found one cabbie that was reliable. So whenever I'm in town, I've got his number in my cell, and I ring him first thing. He's a good guy, reliable, but apparently, stuff went to shit tonight for him.

I get a call, and apparently, he was having a fight with his missus, and the cops were there. He called me, barely able to keep it together, asking if I'd shoot him an advance on the cab ride he's giving me tomorrow so he can get a hotel room, because he can't stay there. This violates the cabbie/passenger relationship I've worked hard to cultivate, but I can't exactly dick the guy over. He originally suggested that he stay with me, but that was not about to happen. Uh uh. No way. He's a very reliable cabbie, but... well, no. It's one thing to like to get a ride from someone, but having them in your hotel... not so hot. Especially when they're an emotional wreck.

So, he's gonna swing here, I'm gonna give him some cash for a room at a cheaper motel, and he's gonna go cool off for the night. Tomorrow, I get a ride to the airport.

Edit: The fuckedupness expands. Apparently, and this was one side of the story, it was the missus that was freaking out. He apparently went out to "the club", and from the context, I assume strip club, with some guys, comes home with booze on his breath and she goes apeshit. Keep in mind this is his side of the story. She came at him with a knife, and he was the one that called the cops. As the cops do with any domestic dispute, the guy leaves or goes to jail; he opted for leaving, and everybody handy for him was unable to get there to help him. My number was still in his cell phone, so I was the last ditch fallback.

Yeah, how's that for fucked up. But, bright side, whenever I'm travelling in HBurg, I've got a loyal, dependable ride that owes me. A worthwhile investment at least.
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