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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

In Which I Continue to be Critical

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

In Which I Continue to be Critical

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run the fuck away
This season's "Doctor Who" seems to be... well, mostly crap. This isn't David Tennant's fault- he's brilliant considering the pretty tired scripts he's getting tossed. What's ruining the show is the sexual tension/platonic romance between him and his companion, Rose. First season, we had Rose with this silly little school girl crush on the Doctor, and that was cool. But now the Doctor has got this massive hard on for dramatic action every time she's threatened. He turns into a lunatic, and it's getting tired and old.

This really killed this weeks episode, which otherwise could have been pretty good. And it had a lot of strikes against it- like the central villian being the source of all myths of Satan. I mean, can we say cheesy? And it's a kinda fragrant British cheese. A Ploughman's Special. Not appetizing. But, y'know, I was gonna let that one slide if they did it well, and uh... they didn't.

Couple this with a string of mediocre episodes that lack the solid storytelling of last season... it's not looking good for the franchise. And because this change in story telling happened with the introduction of David Tennant, I fear that Tennant will be viewed as a poorer Doctor than he is. He's brilliant- the scripts are not.
  • He's brilliant- the scripts are not.

    Easily displayed by Episode 4- which, as we both agree, is the one crowning achievement of this entire season. I still get misty-eyed thinking about that one. ;)

    The first few weren't the greatest, but were tolerable. I liked Mickey a lot, too- he would've been a cooler companion than Rose- but they ended that pretty quickly.

    Yes, the whole "OMG s/he's dead O NOES!!!!11!1!" in every subsequent episode has been pissing me off.
  • Some of them show a great deal of brilliance.

    "The Girl in the Fireplace" for instance. Absolutely fantastic. Probably my favorite Doctor Who story ever.

    We'll see how the next season goes. Hopefully they tone down the overt romantic attraction. Knowing its there and affects them doesn't require it to be so over the top. The writers should watch JAG... see how the attraction between Harm and Mac was done. Thats how to handle a strong attraction between leads that for some reason cannot or will not actually get together. That model would work much better for Doctor Who than the current sitcom style thing.
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