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A long time ago, in a galaxy far away...

My name is Luke Skywalker. I'm here to rescue you.

Disclaimer: the rest of this post is not intended for the rationally minded. If you do not believe in magick, fairies, dragons, trolls, orcs, nasty shadowy things, gargoyles, giants, goblins, and more magick, you read this post at your own risk.

The Principia YellowFivia, or, How I found the Dew, and The Spells I Cast when I Found It.

A few quick things. I'm going to introduce you to a new term: nataga. Nataga is a made up word, as all of them are, that essentially means "akin to, yet not of that kind". Like, if you were to buy the store brand cola, it would be Coca-Cola (nataga), being like Coke, but not. This is important, because this weekend can only make any, sense if you understand that alot of the terms I use are just the closest approximation of actual things.

The other quick thing is the speedy little recap of past summers. A few summers ago, Myself, Apples, Jan, Ray-Ray, Sean and Aaron(the tagalong) got ourselves in a huge mess involving a basic cloying darkness down at one of the buildings on the Camp Trimount property, the Moesman House. Our minds imposed all sorts of forms on what was essentially a malevolence. Now, our handling of this matter was pathetically poor. We were a cluster of immature amatuers that are lucky we didn't get ourselves killed or those people around us. This malevolent force used us like tools to get to a state where it wanted to be, and we were foolish. We still are, but that's not relevant to the flashback. But, by various skin of the teeth manuvers (which I accel at), we avoided doing too much damage, but knew we'd have to come back someday to a) clean up our mess, and b) deal with that malevolence.

This brings us back to this weekend.

Tis an ill wind that blows no minds.

The Ride Up:

Okay, Apples picks me up at 6pm. We hit the highway, and we're going to attempt to navigate via a different route (one that makes sense coming from the direction we did, as opposed to from Kingston). We're crusing along, but no matter what we do, we can't find the path to Trimount. We see signs for turns, but the signs are pointing to houses, or other such things that you can't drive through. After fourty-five minutes of god knows how many missed turns, we're starting to realize that the Whoozit at Trimount knows we're coming (not that it was a secret), and it's gently trying to befuddle our path, because it'd rather not have to waste time dealing with us- the tools that had turned against it (and just might have a chance at dismissing it?).

But we make it. The Way falls clear to us, and all the obfuscation in the world can't keep us from Trimount. We also so some neat parts of other towns on the mountain.

Jan and Sean weren't there yet (those were the others that were coming). So Apples set up and start dinner. We're settling in when Jan and Sean arrive, and although I forget what it was now, something odd slowed them down on the way up too, unless I'm completely mistaken. But for the most part, conversation was catch up and hugs, because none of us had seen much of the others recently, and it's all Different at Trimount.

Gradually though, we take up the tools of what we percieve as our battle (battle? Battles are foolish). We erect a shield around our cabin. We poke our heads into the Moesman house- the upper floors- while the Sun is out. It's alot as we remember it- right down to Sean being cryptic and mysterious. He was obviously hiding information from us- most obviously hiding important information from us.

But we don't press.

Oh... I almost forgot. I had decided to start my Chaos Monasticism up at Trimount. So one of my first tasks was finding a staff. I was figuringing I was going to be looking for a tree and finding a limb that it wouldn't miss- but almost the instant I walked in the door, I saw a half finished walking stick lying on the small little alcovey bit that is at the top of the cabin. I pull it down, and it basically revels at being in my hands- and I know that this was the staff I was supposed to use.

Anywho... the staff, later to be called "Chuck" ceases to leave my side. Got the wierdest looks in the diner this morning.

Alright... that night things get progressively wierder with Sean, and he keeps talking about pacts, and losses. According to him, the previous summer "It", as we took to calling the malevolence had "conquered" all the way up to, but not including Little Niagra. On our first trip around camp, we noticed a few "new" things. There was a benificence in the top floor of the Moseman house, but it was motionless... meaningless almost. Also, a gargoyle (nataga) had taken residence on top of the climbing tower. It was caged in at the tower, unable to pass beyond the fence around it, and it existed at the sufferenance of It (nataga). A dragon (nataga) was living in the lake, as well as a host of undines and other happy bits, the lake being an unspoiled section of the camp.

The next day we decided to take a trek up the hill to Little Niagra, which in previous years had been a place so magickal we had taken to calling it Avalon (nataga). The place in the past had been aswarm with various kinds of Fae, little fairies and gnomes and dryads flitting about enjoying an untouched bit of paradise.

When we arrived, the place was dead. There were fae there, but they were lethargic. Unmoving. Practically non-existant. Something had drained thier spirit, and that was when we found out what had happened here. It (nataga) had taken what would best be termed thier Queen (nataga). It had been the cost of holding It off at Little Niagra and forming a sort of truce- for if they had not given up thier Queen (nataga), the place would have been lost. But it had been lost anyway- not to It (nataga), but the spirit had gone out of the place. They had devoted all of thier energy to getting her back... they had been working magicks to that end, and then we arrived- and that was unexpected but welcome.

So we went down the hill, Sean still toying with our minds, playing odd angles, being very reticent. He ended up running off on his own (like he did all friggin' weekend) and Apples, Jan and I moved down the hill the long way, catching up on the special sites.

We hung out at the cabin awhile, then Jan convinced Sean to take a walk with her and talk, so Apples and I did the same. Apples and I swung out along the Nature trail, and noted that the Dragon in the Lake was stoned. We're talking totally baked. I think it had something to do with Shawn Marks working at waterfront for too long (pot smoking deadhead).

Anywho, we took our walk, and walked into the cabin at the same instant as Jan and Sean, but from opposite sides. Both Sean and I simultaneously started to say "They're not back yet", and both of us cut off the yet. Jan and Sean decided to continue thier walk (and they took the same route we did coincidentially), and we continued ours, and again, we mirroed thier route (coincidentially). Apples and I went to the chapel, which is where Apples finally realized that various astral entities were watching us all, and especially me. Goes back to that whole gnome (nataga) thing.

Anywho, we swing back to the cabin and decide that a jail break is what we need to get It roused. It's been playing possum all weekend, and we need to rile it up to anger, otherwise we'll be ambushed later. We decided to ambush first. Apples and I formulate a plan... that's sooo friggin risky. It basically involved myself and Apples casting "The Blinding of The Red Eye", a little working that hides you from the malicious, and running in, snagging the queen, which Courageous (his staff) and Chuck (my own) would have to carry. We bound the two staves together, and snagged the queen, while Jan and Sean kept the place busy outside.

Also, on my walk, I found a golden apple growing from a not apple tree. I used it as the Holy Handgrenade of Remioch when we went in to snag the queen, and it flashbanged It (nataga) into confusion. We snagged Queenie (nataga), and made a run for Little Niagra while Sean and Jan tried to hold It back, knowing that it wouldn't be interested in hurting them while it was looking for the Queen.

Suffice it to say, it worked. The details don't really matter. We made it, Jan and Sean were fine, and It was never the wiser as to the location of Apples and I.

Now, all weekend, I had been obsessing over mountain dew (the only thing I drank all weekend mind you). I was seeing all sorts of absurd mystical power in Dew. Jan and Sean used it to hold off It while apples and I stole the Queen (nataga) back. Apples and I used it to celebrate and reconsecrate little Niagra. While Jan and Sean waited for us to return, they reinforced the shield around the cabin with it. I was obssessing over it as Yang, to balance the Yin of the malevolence (for it was decidedly Yin in nature).

It was the Dew absurdity that opened the door for the real solution.

We spent the afternoon off the mountain, Jan went to a Type O-Negative concert, while Apples, Sean and I went to an Eagle Court of Honor (where Ed Kholer, who works for ITS, was). When we got back, we were twitching with anticipation. We knew something was up. It was out in force, sending shadows around to phreak us out, trying to tempt us into destroying them like we had in previous summers. We didn't though... we played with them. Believed them into being different things than evil demonic (nataga) shadows. The best quote was, "You're not there, you're in the tavern!". And poof, it goes. They were impotent and stupid.

We were planning to descend into the basement of the Moseman house, and have a final showdown when Jan got back. We'd go down there, and either we'd walk out or it. That was the plan. Sean decided to prepare, and against our better judgement, we let him prepare how he chose to. He evoked some nasty aspects of himslef and stormed out in a rage.

And there it was... the crucial moment. Sean was raging. It was aligning itself and its forces, the Fae were preparing to swing down the mountain to match our killing blow with thier own. All the piece were in place for a cataclysmic battle between Good and Evil...

And then Apples and I had to take a shit.

And everything changed...

Jan ended up not making it back to Trimount, she crashed after the concert. Sean was pissed about what Apples and I did outwardly, but we could tell he was as pleased as we were. Jan woke up the next morning to our phone call, we took her out to breakfast, and we told her what happened. And she gaped. She puzzled, and she was as confused as everyone was.

Apples and I noticed something while we were taking a shit. The shadows (nataga) were rather... impressionable. You could will them into doing stuff. It was too befuddled to really make use of them, and didn't want to start a fight- he wanted us to. If we had, we probably would have died tragically in retrospect.

No, you see... I decided to take a group of them, and organize them into marines. I was about to send the up to the lake to swim laps, when Apples shouted out from the toilet, having an obvious e-poop-any- "Tell them to set up a Circus on the field behind the Archery Range!".

And I did.

And this evil malevolence that had scared us in previous summers, that we had always been so set on destroying... became a Circuis. Sure, it's a demonic circuis, where the ferris wheel is made of bones, the Cyclotron has nail beds instead of padding, the roller coaster slams into the ground... but it's a circus!

Some of you might see the wisdom in this solution.

Some of you might be really confused.

But Apples and I willed the malevolence into an Evil Circus. Sean willed into being the pony ride. Jan willed something into it over breakfast. We all partook in making it, and It accepted it's fate. The Fae came down off the mountain, not for war, but for play. It's the circuis of the mind, with roller coasters for Fae, a shrunken giant, the Camp Ranger on display in the Sideshow, and all sorts of wierdness, like a Superman statue in the center of the midway.

Can you believe it? Those are some of the events, but alot have been left out, like the Gargoyle becoming an alcoholic (nataga), visits by the Cherise Cat, etc. And remember... this entire story is Nataga. It is not true, but this is the closest way of interpreting it. The basic events and emotions and stuff are the same... but the actuality of things is completely different, but we don't have words for it.

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