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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Tilty Alpha 2- PowerBook, iBook, MBP, and Sounds!

The second Alpha release of Tilty is completed, and this one (theoretically) has iBook/PowerBook support. I won't know for sure until I actually get home and load it onto my wife's Powerbook. It will RUN on iBooks and Powerbooks, as it is a Universal Binary, but I don't promise that it will actually let you control the ball until I get home and test it for real. I just wanted to get this up before the end of the day because I'm pretty durned excited about this version. There's lots of improvements, and it puts me in reach of my goals for an official beta release within a few weeks. No promises though, as I'm on a Honeymoon next week.

Download Tilty Alpha 2.

All of these prerelease versions are closed source, but you can freely redistribute them. But while I've got your attention with the flashy new release that has a fully functional maze, let me take a moment to discuss my thoughts on the actual 1.0 release, a few weeks or months off.

This software, in its final version, is intended to be a shareware project, and I intend to sell it for money. Not much, but a little. Here's the thing though- I'm not going to be selling the final binary product, nor am I going to be selling a license to use it, like most software vendors do. I'm going to be selling membership into a community.

I'd like to introduce the core concepts behind the Gated Community Source License.

1) When you acquire this license from Lapine Cerebral Cogitations, hereby known as the Developer, you will be given a membership key, hereby known as the key.
a) This key guarantees you lifetime access to the Tilty Community.
2) The binary form of the software, hereby known as the Product is for the exclusive use of Community Members.
3) The source code of the product, is also for the exclusive use of Community Members.
a) Any patches, fixes, other improvements made to the software are property of the Community. Should they meet Community Standards, as determined by the Developer, those patches, fixes, or other improvements may be incorporated into future versions of the product.
b) Community Members are allowed to create their own versions of the Product, under the following restrictions:
1) Functionality used to verify that the user is a Community Member cannot be removed, tampered with, or modified in any fashion.
2) Any third party code added to the product must be compatible with this license.

What you see above is not a formal license- this is my goals for the license. I'm going to need to talk to someone who knows a little bit more about IP law than I do. But a few other promises-
1) There will always be a way to get your license key; you will never be SOL.
2) The software will in no way "phone home" to alert me to suspected piracy, or collect any information about you in any way.
3) Your community membership will get you access to community forums, bulliten boards, etc., as well as discounts in other GCSL releases from Lapine Cerebral Cogitations.

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