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My side of the Mountain

Six PM tomorrow I'm outta here and headed for Trimount. I'm taking some homework with me so I don't fail my classes miserably (i can just fail them not so miserably). A weekend of rest and relaxation with Apples, Tim, Jan and Sean. I don't think I'm missing anyone. Basically, it's a guy's weekend out (even though Jan is biologically female... Jan's a guy. Deal).

I'm going to start my Chaos Monastisism while I'm there. It'll be great. Finally, I'll be getting something done. I'll be actually moving towards a goal.

Not to mention... it's a goal worth doing. Then Monday Night is going to be a Dark Matter At Hand ritual, and Tuesday nigth will be a Summoning of Tznetcht (or something like that- anti-ego figure). Wedensday is going to be a Mass of Chorozon. Over the weekend though, I'm just going to get that phreakin' Vortex Rite down pat. I'm going to be embarking on the Chaos Monastasism with the Greater Observances for 3 weeks, and then taper off with the Lesser Observances for another week. Depending on how that goes, I'm going to decide what's next.

The Jihad of Chaos kinda scares me... it's... well... violent. And it involves celibacy for the period of the Jihad.

Violence without sex? Good lord!

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