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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Whoops... this was bad planning.

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Whoops... this was bad planning.

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run the fuck away
Heeeeeyyy... is anyone going from Kingston-ish area to Albany? Anybody not doing anything that would LIKE to visit Albany tomorrow? There's a problem you see.

Minna and I kinda scheduled an available day to go get our marriage license- tomorrow is a day we can escape from work. There's a problem however. I need my birth certificate as proof of age, because the driver's license, which required a birth certificate to get doesn't count as proof of age. My birth certificate is in Kingston. If anyone was already on the way up here, and can do a little courier errand for me, that'd be awesome. If some one is free, and wants to do some courier stuff, well, whether you were planning to come here or not there's a dinner in it for you either way.
  • Kingston's not much further than where I go every day, but I wouldn't be back before 5:00 or so, unfortunately. Poo.
  • when do you need it by?
    • Eh, we're gonna make do with a fax, and it'll be in the mail by noon. The fax should be enough (they're admissible in court), but worst case scenario, I screw work over to head back- and screwing over work is fun. I hate them.

      Mind you, don't take this as a reason to not come to Albany. For you, there's still a dinner in it.
    • Well, I told them that tonight was best for me, and nobody's gotten back to me, so I'm assuming that it's happening, despite being 45 minutes after the slated start time, and nobody's gotten ahold of me. If they can't be arsed to at least tell me that it isn't happening today, then screw 'em.

      Saturday and Sunday are equally good.
    • I told him I was busy Saturday, so that's preferred, but Sunday works too. I can move practice to either day.
  • If for some reason a fax doesn't work, I'll be in K-town this weekend and I could hunt it down for you.
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