How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Penns vs. Swords and New Shirts

I'm a big fan of good magic shows, and I'm not talking the David Blane gigantic production bullshit, I'm talking up close magic- card tricks and stuff that can amaze you from three feet away. I also don't think I need to suspend any disbelief, after all, they're called magic TRICKS for a reason. So, if the magician wants to let the secrets slip and can still amaze me, so much the better- which is why I like Penn & Teller's act. They can remove all the mystery, and dazzle you with showmanship. That's cool.

Speaking of, their show "Bullshit!" is a fantastic and informative show, with a libertarian bent that pleases me. By the way, apples491, their first episode of season four was about the BoyScouts, specifically about the discriminatory practices of Scouting- totally awesome episode. I've got it saved until I can show it to you somehow.

So, Penn of the aforementioned Penn & Teller has a radio show (strangely, Teller isn't on the radio- go figure). Libertarian talk radio rocks. Totally cool shit. Check out the website, and it's available as a podcast. Check it out.

Meanwhile, Minna decided I should get new shirts for my birthday (that'd be on Thursday). So we ran out to Macy's and I have two new hideous shirts. The first is a white shirt with light blue paisleys on it. It's actually fairly subtle and tasteful. Compare that to my OTHER new shirt. This one is a purple shirt, a pretty powerful electric purple at that. 1cm broad circles are laid out in an even grid across the fabric, alternating between solid dots and hashed dots, colored a hideous 70s era brown. From twenty feet away, it doesn't look that shocking, but when you get within six feet or so, it becomes a massive assault on your visual cortex. I love it. I'm wearing it right now.

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