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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

On Quitting and the New Lappy

Okay, let's get this out of the way. I have a very crafty plan for quitting smoking. A sneaky, subversive strategy to get around nicotine addiction- I'm going to be a lazy ass, and not buy cigarettes. It's brilliant in its simplicity, and it capitalizes on the fact that no one just walks up to me and gives me cigarettes. If that were the case, I'd be screwed, but then again, if people were just giving them to me, I wouldn't need to quit to save money.

Where was I? Ah, yes. Getting cigarettes requires going out of my way. I mean, I have to walk all the way to the gas station, which is... like- a whole block! And then, while I'm there, I actually have to ask for, and then PAY FOR, cigarettes. Pain in the ass.

Now that that's out of the way, don't expect to hear any more on quitting smoking from this corner. Why? Because I hate fucking pussies who lament about how hard it is. Or waste cash on patches or gums (which cost more than the equivalent cigarettes I might add). When you honestly, really don't want to anymore- stop. And stop bitching while you're at it.

I mean, seriously, when I was at the Apple store, I joked around about how I was quitting smoking so that I could afford the laptop. One of the guys that works there looks over at me and is like, "Oh really? I've been smoke free for five weeks. How long have you been smoke free?"

What the fuck? I'm not fucking "smoke free", like I'm some Al-Anonying jerkwad. Yeah, I'm addicted to nicotine, but you know what? I'm not addicted to cigarettes. I like smoking cigarettes. I just have other financial priorities, and figure, while I'm at it, I can break the addiction. In a few weeks, I'll have a cigar, and I'll stick to those, spaced out over nice broad intervals.

Now that I've got that withdrawal induced rant out of the way, let me get to the real good news- my review of the MacBookPro.

We already know I'm a Mac fan, so I'm not going to review this on any Mac elements that I already like- in other words, no Operating System stuff- just pure hardware.

Okay, let's start with size. At 15.4", this is a big laptop. But it uses that space really well, and it's not oppressively heavy, in fact, it's lighter than my 12" iBook was (thank you Aluminum casing). Big size means a big screen, and the 15.4 inch screen is sharp, clear, and provides a great level of contrast. The overall "Whitish" look of OSX really leaps out, while the text stays nice and black. Very crisp, very clean, and it's absolutely fantastic for watching DVDs or illicitly downloaded TV shows.

Other bells and whistles? Well, there's the integrated iSight camera, which is a tiny tiny speck just above the monitor. The resolution isn't anything terribly dramatic, but the pictures look good, and I think that's what's important. After all, it's meant for video conferencing, not art. Of course, there's also a cute little app called Photo Booth, which uses that camera to make your laptop exactly what the name implies. miusheri posted some shots with the camera.

Two USB slots is standard, but what really interests me is that they're on opposite sides of the computer. That's pretty darn cool actually. I've been using a mouse with a kinda short cable, and it doesn't do well with stretching all the way around my old laptop (the port's on the left, but I'm a righty). I'm glad to see that. The fact that the only Firewire port is Firewire 400, not 800, is very disappointing, though not surprising. Apple has been leaving Firewire in favor of USB 2.0 if the recent line of iPods is any example. Perhaps this has something to do with the soon-to-be Wireless USB stuff?

Which brings me to the MagSafe power connector. This delightfully slim little dongle is a huge improvement over the old adapters. For one, unlike the old "round" one, the cable is thicker, stronger, and distributes strain better, not causing lots of bending around where it connects to the computer. The connector is also a better designed rectangle, as opposed to the RCA plug style connector they used to have- which could easily be bent and mangled. Not so with the MagSafe. And let's not forget that it clips in with MAGNETS, which is just ten kinds of cool. The only downside? It's roughly the same size and shape as a USB port- which means I've put it in the wrong slot a few times. It just falls out, no harm done, but it seems a little silly to me.

Okay, that's some of the outer case stuff, but what about under the hood? What are we looking at here? I've got the 2GHz Dual Core model with 1GB of RAM. A 256 MB video card. I'm not interested in benchmarks of the different components- what's the end result of this stuff, when you put it together? This thing flies. Seriously, if I had this thing in my car I'd get pulled over. It's that fast. And that isn't just with Universal Binaries. I plopped in my copy of Elite Force II (yeah, it's an old Quake 3 engine game, but it's one of the few things I play regularly). This thing has to go through a software layer called Rosetta, which is basically an emulation layer to translate between old Mac processors and these shiny new Intel ones. The end result? Don't expect to play it at the maximum resolution, but it playable at 1024x768 resolution, and perfectly smooth at 800x600. For something that's emulated, that's an absolutely beautiful thing.

Speaking of emulation, I need to go and get an NES emulator again.

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